Our Mission

Provide respectful and attentive care, refer for counseling or medication as needed only, be a place of calm and safety for our patients.

Featuring complete psychiatric evaluations, medication management and psychotherapy services.

We are open and are accepting new patients for either medication management or therapy or both.

We offer in-person and telehealth appointments. Please call 815-986-1113 today to schedule an appointment. Same day appointments may be available.

For phone appointments:
Please expect to receive a call from your provider at or near your scheduled time. Be aware that the call may appear on your phone as a blocked number or with an unknown caller ID, therefore, please answer the call if it is near your appointment time.

Members of our administrative staff are checking voicemails regularly and will respond within 72 hours of receiving your voicemail.

For an immediate appointment, call 815-986-1113
Clinic Staff