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We put you first at the Clinic of Psychiatric Care.

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Dr. Geiger spends more time with you. She schedules longer appointments than most psychiatrists because it gives her more time to listen to and understand your needs. She provides thorough explanations of her diagnosis and your medication and/or therapy options so you understand all the alternatives.

She knows medication isn’t the only answer. That’s why she offers access to high-quality psychotherapy in addition to medications. You get personalized, compassionate care and treatment that will improve your quality of life.

Dr. Geiger knows you’re busy. She makes every effort to see you at the scheduled time of your appointment. Her friendly and knowledgeable staff respect your time too. They can answer many of your questions over the phone, fit an appointment to your schedule and even work with your pharmacist to assist with your prescription needs.

We put you first with: Personalized. Compassionate. Care.