Shahina Jafry, MD

Shahina Jafry, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist, with a background of Ob/Gyn and perinatal medicine, has proficiency in women's mental health. She is well experienced in treating premenstrual dysphoric disorders and mental disorders during pregnancy and post-partum period.

Dr. Jafry provides multimodal care that reflects psychological, biological, and social needs for patients with focus on proven and time-honored mind-body cognitive behavior centered healing, help with social skills training, anger management and behavior modification therapy, for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and dementia with behavioral disturbances, ADHD and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Jafry also offers psychiatric evaluations and medication management as well as behavioral health care and concise counseling to adults and geriatric groups, female and male. She is dedicated to helping especially women of all ages overcome their mental and emotional issues causing stress and other mental disorders.

Dr. Jafry provides a safe and comfortable environment for individuals seeking psychiatric care in Rockford, Illinois. Her excellent interpersonal communication skills along with her belief in family support systems will help patients heal from their emotional trauma and unresolved conflicts and help to move forward to achieve their goals in life.